Woodmap Expertise


Today our models are created in Antananarivo and Mauritius. Our company concentrates its invaluable resources here,
helping us manage the main activities in the sector. The prime materials used will appeal to educated amateurs and wood enthusiasts.

There are numerous stages in the creative process, all requiring the skilled hand, sharp eye and unlimited patience of the
craftsman: carving, engraving, assembling, gluing, affixing, sanding, framing, finishing and polishing to name but a few!

sharp eye and unlimited patience

sharp eye and unlimited patience

All our master craftsmen are dedicated to their area of specialization and express the company's personality in their own style, sharing their expertise and artistry.

The pieces benefitting from Woodmap's unrivalled technical skill, which are often tiny and fragile,
are progressively worked, arranged, inspected and assembled to form the original composition that lies at the heart of an eminently precious object.

strict quality controls

strict quality controls

Strict quality controls throughout demonstrate the demand for quality and the pursuit of perfection. All the pieces shaped by lasers are carefully examined even before being inlaid by hand in the workshop.
Here technical precision sits wonderfully alongside the charm of the handmade. Unfailingly high standards mean that Woodmap is able to offer lifetime guarantees.

Handmade personality

Handmade personality

And thus we have a Woodmap creation, a profoundly individual item resulting from countless actions and reactions that are impossible to repeat exactly.
Every map is unique because it is made by hand. Its recipient can be rightly proud to own an object that has a distinctive soul and inimitable personality.
The planispheres' strong identity is confirmed by the allocation of a unique serial number.

The timeless aesthetic

attractive maps

Over fifteen years of work have led to a collection of legible,
accurate and attractive maps.

The grand globe

a challenge

Even today, creations like the Grand Globe are a challenge that our development team excels at meeting. The summit of achievement, the Grand Globe is an obvious example of the close links that Woodmap has forged with technology for
over a decade.

The three-dimensional marquetry is an unequalled feat, with a patent recognizing its inventiveness.

The Woodtech collection is an invitation to travel through and beyond time. It pays a vibrant homage to the memory of cartographers from all ages.

Maps and globes showcase

tradition and innovation

Staying true to the fine workmanship on display,
the manual finishing enhances the value of the oeuvre.